How to Buy Azzalure Online

There is a range of remedies and treatments that can help improve one’s appearance when fine lines and wrinkles appear.

Among this variety of outpatient procedures include Azzalure, a cutting-edge muscle relaxant solely used for aesthetic indications. Manufactured by Galderma, Azzalure is the aesthetic version of the drug named Dysport for the European Union member states.

Like Botox, Azzalure prevents the contraction of underlying facial muscles, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Here’s What You Need to Know When Ordering Azzalure Online

Unlike other aesthetic treatments, buying Azzalure online entails finding an authentic supplier and providing a legally valid medical license. If you are not a certified medical practitioner, it would be impossible for you to purchase Azzalure from authentic distributors.

About Azzalure

Azzalure® is a local muscle relaxant adapted from the botulinum neuromodulator type-A of Dysport®, which causes muscles to relax. Azzalure activates at the junction between the muscle and nerves to impede the release of acetylcholine, a chemical messenger, from the nerve endings to prevent muscle contractions. However, the muscle relaxation effects are temporary.

Manufactured by Galderma, a world-renowned Swiss pharmaceutical company specializing in dermatological solutions and skin care products, Azzalure is specifically produced for aesthetic purposes.

What does Azzalure treat?

Azzalure is a scientifically-proven solution to minimize the appearance of fine to moderate wrinkles. It is generally administered to smoothen out the top parts of the face to reduce the appearance of frown lines and crow’s feet found around the forehead and eyes, respectively. While Azzalure is proven to effectively reduce the appearance of fine to moderate wrinkles, more folds and deep-set lines may require dermal fillers.

But before proceeding with the treatment, it is crucial to assess the patient’s facial anatomy carefully. Facial asymmetry, scarring, ptosis, excessive dermatochalasis, and other facial alterations due to previous surgical interventions should be accounted for.

What you should know about the treatment

Before the treatment, the medical professional should check the strength of the patient’s muscle contraction. Next, they will mark the areas for injection on the skin before administering the injection. After the treatment, the patient is expected to carry on with their daily activities.

A single treatment could only take 15 to 30 minutes to administer. Not only is it highly convenient, but it’s also generally safe.

Before administering the treatment, make sure your patient is not:

  • Allergic to Clostridium botulinum toxin A or any of the listed ingredients
  • Suffering from an infection at the site of injection
  • Diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, Eaton Lambert Syndrome, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

The effects of the Azzalure treatment don’t appear immediately. Usually, it would take 2-6 days before the skin appears smoother than before. The full effect will be more noticeable two weeks after the procedure.

The overall effect of the treatment usually lasts around 3-5 months, depending on the patient’s skin, wrinkle type, age, and lifestyle.

What are the possible side effects?

Despite being a safe, effective aesthetic treatment, Azzalure can cause adverse reactions that your patients should be aware of before administering the procedure. Common side effects include but are not limited to:

– Redness, irritation, rash, itching, tingling, stinging, or bruising

– Headache

– Tired eyes or dimming of vision

– Temporary facial paralysis

Uncommon adverse reactions that need immediate medical help include the following:

– Difficulty in breathing, speaking or swallowing

– Swelling of the face, which may indicate an allergic reaction to the treatment


Can you Order Azzalure Online from Canada/USA?

We are a certified online distributor, so we can ship products to Canada or the USA. We will require your medical practitioner’s license before confirming your order.

What Azzalure contains

Azzalure contains a unique yet powerful blend of ingredients. Its active substance is botulinum toxin type-A. One vial contains 125 Speywood units. Other components include human albumin 200g/L and lactose monohydrate.

Where is the best place to buy it online?

Given the wide range of aesthetic benefits, it’s no wonder that Azzalure is a sought-after remedy. If you would like to restock, contact us! We guarantee 100% product legality and safety.

Can you order Azzalure online with a medical license?

Only licensed medical professionals are permitted to purchase and administer Azzalure. Create an account and provide your details, including your license.

If you’re ordering on behalf of a licensed healthcare professional, you can provide their information & license number.


Can I buy Azzalure online?

Yes, you can buy Azzalure from trusted Azzalure distributors as long as you are a certified medical practitioner.

What are Azzalure’s license requirements?

One must be a certified medical professional or a legal representative of the professional before authentic distributors entertain any inquiries from you.

Consequently, Azzalure should only be administered by a certified medical practitioner with appropriate qualifications and expertise in this treatment.

Is it legal to purchase drugs like Azzalure from overseas?

Yes, purchasing cosmetic drugs like Azzalure is entirely legal for certified healthcare practitioners and their legal representatives as long as they present their valid professional credentials.

How do I order Azzalure as a provider?

You can register an account here and provide the necessary professional information, including the license number, for verification to purchase the product.

Can nurse practitioners purchase Azzalure?

Yes. Licensed nurse practitioners are among the allowed medical professionals who can purchase Azzalure online.

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